PUBLISHED: 17/03/2022

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Tokyo, the city of lights


This article is proudly sponsored by Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tokyo Tourism Rep, Singapore Office

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, consists of 23 central city wards and multiple cities, towns and villages.

The city offers a wide range of experiences from shopping, fashion, entertainment, culture and gastronomic cuisines to its visitors. Not forgetting the rich cultures that one can experience and also the well-connected train rides from the city to the outskirts as well!

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, the travel industry has experienced unprecedented damage. However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is steadily working through it with the city’s local and travel partners. At the moment, the uptake of vaccination in the city has been positively high percentage of people in Japan being vaccinated.

Navigating the capital through a prompt and cohesive approach, many establishments are on-board the city’s efforts, in adhering to strict regulations to provide a safe space for all to live and enjoy. Identified by the rainbow decals plastered on entrances, they demonstrate a commitment to avoiding the “Three Cs”: closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings, allowing guests to visit with a peace of mind.

Tokyo remains a safe, welcoming place for tourists, and we look forward to welcoming you to Tokyo in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading about the latest experiences in Tokyo!

Rewild Outdoor Tokyo (Camping Cafe)


REWILD is an outdoor café where you can enjoy a camping experience in the heart of Tokyo. From grinding your own coffee from carefully selected speciality beans, to roasting focaccia and marshmallows on skewers, experience the excitement of outdoor camping right in a café!

The lush interior of the restaurant resembles an urban forest, with faux grass floors, earthen walls and lots of greenery hanging from the ceiling. You will also be able to hear the sounds of birds chirping and the trickling of a river as background music!


In the evening, lanterns and bonfires illuminate the café in soft glows. A wide variety of beers, cocktails, and camping food are also made available, replicating an experience so close to that at a campsite, you will be fully immersed and enchanted! This is definitely an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Access: About 2 minutes walk from Kayabacho Station (Tokyo Metro)

Shibuya Sky


Photo courtesy © Shibuya Sky

Opened in November 2019, SHIBUYA SKY is a 230m high observation deck on the 47-storey Shibuya Scramble Square building with a rooftop observation deck, SKY STAGE, offering an unobstructed 360-degree view of Tokyo! Not for the faint-hearted, visitors can experience a sense of freedom and floating over here, as if they are one with the sky!

In addition, you can also find hammocks for cloud watching and chilling with your friends! There is also an observation compass to help you identify major landmarks such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Stadium and even Mt Fuji (on a clear day).


Photo courtesy © Shibuya Sky

Toyosu Market

Toyosu Market is the central wholesale market for seafood, fruits and vegetables in Tokyo.

There are three areas public can visit:

  • The fruit and vegetable section, where visitors can observe the logistics of selling fresh produce.
  • Zone 6 – The fishery wholesale area where all kinds of fishery products are sold.
  • Street 7 – Administration and wholesale fishery buildings, where the famous tuna auction is held. Start your day early at 5:30AM by heading to the seafood observation space, where you can watch the exciting Tuna auction. Want a closer look? Enter a lottery to watch the auction from a special observation deck, which opens slightly later at 5:55AM. 

    *While observation is currently closed due to Covid-19, keep this information in your mind the next time you visit Toyosu Market!


Complete your journey by visiting any of the 40 restaurants and shops in the market, and drop by the "Edo-mae" themed “EDOMAE JYOKAMACHI”, to enjoy delicious authentic Japanese food made from fresh ingredients!

We hope you enjoyed what we have shared so far and make sure to put these locations on your itinerary next time when you visit Tokyo.

For more information, feel free to visit the links below for updated news and other interesting places to visit when Tokyo reopens!