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6 Day Beijing / Zhangjiakou Grassland Wonder
6天 北京/张家口 皇家后花园神奇天路

from S$788

7 Day Chongqing Yangtze River Cruise 2 TO GO 
7天 魅力三峡/重庆游(顺流)- 无购物

from S$888

7 Day Serenity Of Chongqing - B ( No Shopping )
7天 绝美山城 遇见重庆 – B (纯玩团,无购物)

from S$499

7 Day Serenity Of ChongQing - A ( No Shopping )
7天 绝美山城 遇见重庆-A (纯玩团,无购物)

from S$449

7 Day Poetic Jiangnan

from S$988

8 Day Spring City Of Yunnan (No Shopping)
8天 印象春城云南游
( Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La )

from S$888

8 Day Wonderful Shandong Tour (No Shopping)
8天 好客山东之文化赏花之旅

from S$998

8 Day Amazing Hunan
(Zhangjiajie/ Phoenix Town/ Sha...

8天奇山异水湖南游(张家界/凤凰古城/韶山 (No Shopping Tour)

from S$888

8D Dongbei Red Beach Romance(No Shopping)
8天 东北畅游塞外醉美红海滩 (无购物)

from S$988

8 Day Amazing Fairyland Of Sichuan Jiuzhaigou

from S$598

8 Day Wonderful Hubei + Mt.Wudang
8天 精彩花城武汉+仙山武当游 (No Shopping)

from S$988

8 Day Impression Of Guangzhou / Guilin Tour
8D 印象桂林/龙胜/阳朔行程 (No Shopping Tour)

from S$588

8 Day Wuhan /Yangtze River Cruise / Chong Qing

from S$1,188

8 Day Best Of Fujian
8天 最佳福建之旅 (厦门/华安土楼/武夷山/福州/泉州世界文化遗产之旅)

from S$688

8 Day Feeling & Enjoyable Shandong
8天山东淡妆浓抹总相宜(纯玩团,绝无购物) 06Apr, 12 Apr 2017

from S$988

8 Day Wuhan / Mt. Wudang Blossom Aroma
8天樱色郁香武汉武当(纯玩团,绝无购物)18,25MAR,01APR 2017

from S$1,088

9 Day Colorful Guizhou + Huangguoshu Waterfall (No Shop...
9天 多彩贵州+黄果树瀑布行 (纯玩团,无购物)

from S$888

9 Day Perfect Shanxi / Hukou Waterfall
9天 晋善晋美山西/壶口游 (No Shopping)

from S$888

11 Day Legend Of Silk Road (No Shopping)
11天 丝路传说精彩之旅 (纯玩团,绝无购物)

from S$1,888
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