Press Room

17 Jan, 2011

Re-branding of Website Logo

Singapore, 17 January, 2011 - New Shan Travel, one of Singapore's biggest and leading travel agencies, announces a re-branding of its website logo.

The logo depicts a plane flying upwards through various shades of blue. The blue represents two things, one being the different layers of atmosphere, and the other being the corporate colour of our official company logo. The plane adopts a sleek design and is shown flying through the higher levels of atmosphere. What the logo essentially means is that the company, whilst keeping true to its fundamental values and core businesses, is transforming itself into a new-age travel specialist and seeking to achieve stratospheric heights in terms of service and product quality and business performances.

Andy Wong, Marketing Manager of New Shan Travel said, "The new logo represents the digital arm of our business, which of course, is still powered by the New Shan Group, and the logo provides a refreshing feel and energises the overall user experience of the website. It is aimed at enticing more young professionals and savvy internet users who tend to place more emphasis on user experience and brand identity. We want this target group of people to relate better to the brand identity, and to feel they are engaging a business that knows what they want."