Making a Booking

  • What is the hotel policy for children?

    The normal hotel policy is not to charge for children if they are under 12 years old and sharing bed with the adults. If an extra bed for your children is required, you may be required to pay additional charges or book a triple room.

    Some hotels will limit occupancy of a room to two adults and one child under 12 years old.

    In those cases where breakfast is included in the room price, breakfast is not included for children when sharing a room with their parents. In such cases the hotel will charge for the child's breakfast directly.

    No breakfast is provided for the children unless stated otherwise.

    Generally, a child or children is defined as under 12 years old. However, some hotels have different definitions. You are advised to check with us or the hotel or from the booking confirmation.

  • Are your hotel rates per room or per person?

    The rates displayed are per room, NOT per person, unless stated otherwise.

  • How can I make a Special Request (Bed Type, Non-Smoking, Room Location, etc.)?

    While making your booking, under "Special Request", you can type out your special request. Please note that all special requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability upon check-in.

  • Can I request for an Airport Transfer?

    Unfortunately, we only provide a hotel reservation service. However, certain bookings may come with complimentary airport transfers and these will be reflected in the booking confirmation, if any. If your booking does not include an airport transfer, and you need one, please arrange yourself or contact the hotel directly.

  • What happens to my hotel if my flight is delayed?

    If your flight is delayed, please contact us immediately with your hotel reservation details and we will contact the hotel on your behalf to explain your situation and amend your booking if required. However, we cannot guarantee that the hotel will not charge you if it is within the hotel's cancellation or amendment charging period. We will do our best but you will have to bear the additional charges.

    Email: hotels@newshan.com.sg
    Tel: (65) 6481 1181 / 8612 3055

  • I am arriving past midnight. Should I specify my check-in to be the date before midnight or the date after midnight?

    You can notify your hotel of your early check-in or late check-out and put it in as a special request. However, these are subject to the availability of the room and cannot be confirmed until the day of check-in or check-out. If you plan to check into your hotel before the hotel's check-in time and want a guaranteed room, you need to book for the night prior to the date of arrival. For example, if the check-in time is 2pm and you know you are arriving at the hotel at 3am on December 5, you will need to specify your check-in date as December 4 if you want a room immediately.

  • How do I check the status of my hotel booking?

    Email us your booking confirmation details to hotels@newshan.com.sg, and we will advise you. Do give us ample time to respond. Alternatively, go to My Booking page, type in your Booking ID and email, and the status of your booking will be displayed.

  • I was making a booking when my screen hanged due to my Internet connection being disconnected. Do I need to re-book?

    To confirm whether we have received your booking, please email us at hotels@newshan.com.sg.

Confirm a Booking

Changing or Cancelling a Booking

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Please be sure to check the booking conditions prior to making your booking. Cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel as well as from season to season. Changes to your period or length of stay may also result in a cancellation charge. This includes shortened stay requests or revised dates before and after you have checked in. A no-show will be treated as a cancellation and you will be billed accordingly. During peak seasons or convention periods, cancellation may not be permitted at all and the penalty for late cancellation or no-show can be 100% of your booking charges.

    Do not call the hotel directly to cancel. Please notify us in advance via email at hotels@newshan.com.sg if you plan to cancel your booking. Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 6.00pm, Singapore time. We are closed on Public Holidays. Do give us ample time to respond.

    We do not encourage cancellations over the phone unless it is an emergency. Additional service fees may be applicable.

  • What is the amendment policy?

    Amendment Charges are clearly reflected when making your booking and in your booking confirmation. Do note that your hotel may charge you an Amendment Charge higher than the amount stated at the point of booking, due to overbooking, peak season, convention events, hotel policy and availability.

    Do not call the hotel directly to amend. Please notify us in advance via email at hotels@newshan.com.sg if you plan to amend your booking. Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 6.00pm, Singapore time. We are closed on Public Holidays. Amendment is confirmed only after we have notified you via email. In the email, we will inform you of any additional Amendment Charge. Do give us ample time to respond.

    Please note that a change to your booking such as a change of date, a change in hotel or a change in room type, constitutes a cancellation, not amendment. For avoidance of doubt on what constitutes an amendment or cancellation, please email to check with us because different hotels have different policies on cancellation and amendment.

    We do not encourage amendments over the phone unless it is an emergency. Additional service fees may be applicable.

  • When will I receive my refund, if any, after I had cancelled or amended my booking?

    Refund, if any, will be credited to the same credit card that was earlier charged. It can take up to 60 working days for the refund to arrive in your account. The speed of refund depends on the billing cycle between the card companies and the banks.

Booking Charges and Payment

  • Why do I need to provide additional documents during the payment process?

    Sometimes, we require additional documents, such as a front-and-back copy of your credit card and passport, to support your booking. This may occur when the guest name differs from the cardholder; when the acquiring bank for the credit card transaction requires this, when the booking is deemed high value, or when our Fraud Protection program identifies a high-risk transaction. We may complete your booking before these documents are received, but we will not be able to confirm your reservation until the submitted documentation has been verified. We may also call you to verify these details.

    If the requested documents are not gotten from you, we reserve the rights to cancel your booking without being responsible for any loss or damage.

  • I noticed some discrepancies in my credit card billing. What do I do?

    Please send us all supporting documents via hotels@newshan.com.sg. We will investigate. Do give us ample time.

    We strive to provide the best service possible and will work on behalf of our clients to rectify any regrettable circumstances pertaining to your reservation. However, we act only as an independent agent to secure services of a car rental supplier, hotel, self-catering property vacation rentals, or other travel-related supplier. Therefore, we have no control over personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers and shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, personal injury, property damage, or other loss incurred as a result of any wrongful acts, omissions, or default on the part of the suppliers. All grievances must be reported with all supporting documentation to us within 60 days of the mailing of the first credit card statement showing any discrepancies for billing and payment issues, or within 60 days after the completion of travel services provided.

  • Is breakfast included in the rate?

    Not all hotels offer breakfast in their room rate. In cases where there is no indication that breakfast will be provided, please do not automatically assume that breakfast will be provided.

  • My credit card number is correct but why is it not being accepted?

    We only accept online transactions authenticated by 3-D Secure (3DS) for now. The 3-D Secure™ protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. Services based on the protocol have also been adopted by MasterCard, under the name MasterCard SecureCode™. It is designed to allow authentication of cardholders by their issuers at participating merchants. The objective is to benefit all participants by providing issuers the ability to fully authenticate cardholders during an online purchase, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent usage of Visa cards and improving overall transaction performance.

    If not for that reason, there are a few other possibilities:

    • You have reached your credit limit
    • Your credit card is not accepted by our payment gateway
    • You entered the wrong OTP or one-time password
    • The card expiration date precedes the reservation date
    • You have encountered a system error

    Please write to us at hotels@newshan.com.sg. We will try our best to assist you.

  • Do I need to pay now or pay later? What are your modes of payment?

    Most of our hotels are paid for via the pre-payment method. However, there are some hotels that accept only post-payment, meaning you use your credit card to secure the booking and you only pay at the hotel upon check-in or check-out.

    For our post-pay hotels, we usually direct you to a third-party website. In addition to our terms and conditions, you will also need to agree to their terms and conditions before going ahead to make your booking and payment on their website.

Website Security and Website Policy


  • Who writes our reviews? How do I submit a review?

    Our reviews are 100% legitimate. Every time a customer books with us, we send them an email after the customer has checked out of the hotel to ask for a review of their stay. This is the only way a review can be submitted. Every review must then be approved by our content team before being posted on our website. Provided the review is within our standards (no sexist, racist or prejudiced content), we provide a sharing of genuine customer experiences of their hotel stays.


  • How does the star-rating system work?

    Star ratings are reference points to which you can approximately identify the level of service, range of facilities and quality of guest care that you can expect at your accommodation. Every country uses a different star-rating system. A 5-star rating in one country may correspond to a 4-star rating in another country. We do not rate the hotels ourselves; the hotels themselves do. Use the star-rating system at your own discretion. We advise you to do more due diligence if the star-rating is an important consideration of yours.

  • What is the difference between the following room types and occupancy categories?

    Please note that different hotels have got different guidelines. As a general reference:

    1. Single - 1 single bed. Good for 1 adult only.
    2. Double - 1 Queen-sized or King-sized bed. Good for 2 adults. A third person will require an extra bed.
    3. Twin - 2 single beds, or 1 Queen-sized or King-sized bed. Good for 2 adults. A third person will require an extra bed.
    4. Triple - 3 single beds, or 1 Queen-sized or King-sized bed plus 1 single bed. Good for 3 adults.