About Us

About Us

New Shan Travel Service

From its original set-up in 1972 as an 8-staff outfit providing solely ticketing services, New Shan Travel Service Pte. Ltd. has evolved progressively to become one of the biggest and most respected travel agencies in Singapore. Its staff strength of 140 provides a full spectrum of travel-related services, such as flight reservations and ticketing, group tour and free & easy packages, hotel reservations, visa arrangements, corporate ticketing, wholesale ticketing and incentive tours. Indeed, New Shan Travel is a one-stop shop dedicated to providing all your traveling needs.

New Shan Travel has constantly received recognition from many airlines for being one of the best passenger sales agents in Singapore throughout the years. Our deep relationships with all airlines are based on a solid foundation of mutual trust and understanding built up over many years of cooperation. Click here to see some of the awards and accolades.

With an established base, the company is looking to the future. In striving to be ahead of the curve, it is exploring new sales and marketing channels, investing in the right talent, strengthening its core businesses and establishing new tie-ups with significant service providers, whilst never deviating from its fundamental value of really understanding the needs of travelers and going the extra mile to meet these needs.

As we strive to increase our online presence and push more information seamlessly to our customers through our website, we have introduced a new website logo to complement our established set-up. This logo provides a refreshing feel and energises the overall user experience of the website. We want to entice more young professionals and savvy internet users who tend to place more emphasis on user experience and brand identity. This logo allows this target group of people to relate better to the brand identity, and makes them feel they are engaging a business that knows what they want.

New Shan Travel, your trusted partner with an established brand since 1972.