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SQ Economy Class FIT Promotion

Destination Adult Child Taxes Min/Max Stay GV Remarks

Adelaide (Map)

fr S$370-$43403D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Ahmedabad (Map)

fr S$185-$34603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Amsterdam (Map)

fr S$510-$49605D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Auckland (Map)

fr S$890-$39805D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

Bangalore (Map)

fr S$150-$36603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Bangkok (Map)

fr S$80-$16202D / 14D1Outbound Valid on SQ976/SQ978/SQ982 // Inbound on SQ973/SQ975/SQ981 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Beijing (Map)

fr S$180-$34602D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Brisbane (Map)

fr S$260-$44103D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Canberra (Map)

fr S$250-$46503D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Cape Town (Map)

fr S$610-$51603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

Chennai (Map)

fr S$160-$34903D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Colombo (Map)

fr S$110-$36903D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Copenhagen (Map)

fr S$660-$49605D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Delhi (Map)

fr S$160-$38403D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Denpasar Bali (Map)

fr S$110-$15302D / 14D1Outbound Not Valid on SQ938/SQ942 // Inbound Not Valid on SQ947 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Dubai (Map)

fr S$230-$37303D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Dusseldorf (Map)

fr S$330-$56405D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Fukuoka (Map)

fr S$490-$15603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

Guangzhou (Map)

fr S$25-$34602D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Hanoi (Map)

fr S$120-$16802D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Ho Chi Minh (Map)

fr S$50-$16102D / 14D1Outbound Valid on SQ184 // Inbound Valid on SQ183/SQ173 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

HongKong (Map)

fr S$190-$7902D / 14D1Outbound Valid on SQ868/SQ872/SQ890 // Inbound Valid on SQ857/SQ891/SQ871 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Houston Geo Bush (Map)

fr S$506-$71905D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Jakarta (Map)

fr S$100-$14802D / 14D1Outbound Not Valid on SQ952/SQ956 // Inbound Not Valid on SQ961/SQ965 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Johannesburg (Map)

fr S$610-$51603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

Kolkata (Map)

fr S$150-$36003D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Kuala Lumpur (Map)

fr S$20-$15502D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

London Heathrow (Map)

fr S$440-$66205D / 01M1Outbound Valid on SQ308/SQ318 // Inbound on SQ305/SQ317 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Los Angeles (Map)

fr S$514-$71905D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Male (Map)

fr S$130-$36203D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Manila (Map)

fr S$120-$14802D / 14D1Outbound Valid on SQ916/SQ918 // Inbound Valid on SQ915/SQ917 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Melbourne (Map)

fr S$160-$43303D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Milan Malpensa (Map)

fr S$460-$50205D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Mumbai (Map)

fr S$150-$36603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Nagoya (Map)

fr S$600-$15603D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

New York JFK (Map)

fr S$586-$79705D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Osaka Kansai (Map)

fr S$670-$16203D / 21D1Outbound Not Valid on SQ618 // Advance Purchase 14 Days

Paris De Gaulle (Map)

fr S$360-$54005D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Perth (Map)

fr S$100-$42803D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Rome Fiumicino (Map)

fr S$490-$52005D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

San Francisco (Map)

fr S$604-$71905D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Seoul (Map)

fr S$340-$36203D / 21D1Outbound Valid on SQ602 // Inbound Valid on SQ607/SQ15 // Advance Purchase 14 Days

Shanghai Pudong (Map)

fr S$180-$34602D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Surabaya (Map)

fr S$70-$15302D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Sydney (Map)

fr S$270-$44603D / 01M1Outbound Not Valid on SQ221 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Taipei (Map)

fr S$160-$35003D / 14D1Outbound Valid on SQ878 // Advance Purchase 07 Days

Wellington (Map)

fr S$890-$39405D / 21D1Advance Purchase 14 Days

Yangon (Map)

fr S$140-$16802D / 14D1Advance Purchase 07 Days

Zurich (Map)

fr S$490-$50805D / 01M1Advance Purchase 07 Days

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Terms & Conditions
Sales Period: 01-Dec-2016 to 24-Mar-2017
Travel Period: 01-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Other Conditions:
  • Terms & conditions apply.
  • Blackout Period Ex-SIN :
    01Jan17 - 09Jan17 (For AME and EUR only)
    01Jan17 - 31Jan17 (For Australia only)
    23Jan17 - 08Feb17 (For BJS/ SHA only)
  • Customers requiring seats for personal comfort ,bulky or fragile items etc are not permitted to purchase this fares for both his/her seat and the extra seat required
  • Surcharge :
    1. SE Asia/North Asia/South West Pacific/West Asia
    Outbound flights departing on Friday and Saturday $10 applies
    Inbound flights departing on Sunday and Monday $10 applies
    2. Europe and Americas
    Outbound flights departing on Friday and Saturday $20 applies
    Inbound flights departing on Sunday and Monday $20 applies
  • Tickets must be issued within 01 day after reservations are made and 3 days for V Class or per system ticketing time limit,whichever is stricter
  • Ticket must be issued by 24Mar2017.
  • Not valid on SQ1000 to SQ5274,SQ5277 to SQ9999 and MI1000 to MI5832,MI5834 to MI5838, MI5840 to MI5855 and MI5850 to MI9999 series flights
  • Rebooking/Revalidation : Flight/Date change not permitted
  • Rerouting/Reissuance : Not permitted
  • Tickets once issued are non-refundable.
  • Fares, Taxes and Surcharges are subjected to availability and changes with or without prior notice. Please check with our Ticketing officer for any visa requirement.
  • Please Contact us for more information and terms and conditions.
  • Please refer to New Shan Travel Pte Ltd Ticketing Terms & Conditions
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