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Emirates Economy Class Natas / Travel Revolution Promo Fares

Destination Adult Child Taxes Min/Max Stay GV Remarks

Addis Ababa (Map)

fr S$1516-$5293D / 01M1-

Adelaide (Map)

fr S$469-$17603D / 12M1-

Algiers (Map)

fr S$1066-$49903D / 01M1-

Amman (Map)

fr S$766-$49903D / 01M1-

Amsterdam (Map)

fr S$496-$51903D / 01M1-

Auckland (Map)

fr S$908-$10703D / 12M1-

Bahrain (Map)

fr S$566-$41903D / 01M1-

Barcelona (Map)

fr S$486-$51903D / 01M1-

Birmingham (Map)

fr S$631-$63403D / 01M1-

Bologna (Map)

fr S$916-$51903D / 01M1-

Boston (Map)

fr S$896-$77903D / 01M1-

Brussels (Map)

fr S$796-$52903D / 01M1-

Budapest (Map)

fr S$716-$52903D / 01M1-

Buenos Aires (Map)

fr S$1541-$79403D / 01M1-

Cairo (Map)

fr S$816-$52903D / 01M1-

Cape Town (Map)

fr S$616-$54903D / 01M1-

Christchurch (Map)

fr S$920-$9503D / 12M1-

Colombo (Map)

fr S$256-$24903D / 01M1-

Copenhagen (Map)

fr S$596-$51903D / 01M1-

Dammam (Map)

fr S$1096-$46903D / 01M1-

Dubai (Map)

fr S$206-$41903D / 01M1-

Frankfurt (Map)

fr S$416-$60903D / 01M1-

FT Lauderdale Florida (Map)

fr S$966-$7793D / 01M1-

Geneva (Map)

fr S$716-$51903D / 01M1-

Hamburg (Map)

fr S$766-$56903D / 01M1-

Houston Geo Bush (Map)

fr S$586-$77903D / 01M1-

Istanbul (Map)

fr S$406-$50903D / 01M1-

Jeddah (Map)

fr S$496-$46903D / 01M1-

Johannesburg (Map)

fr S$536-$54903D / 01M1-

London Heathrow (Map)

fr S$446-$63903D / 01M1-

Los Angeles (Map)

fr S$796-$77903D / 01M1-

Manchester (Map)

fr S$456-$33103D / 01M1-

Melbourne (Map)

fr S$443-$14203D / 12M1-

Milan Malpensa (Map)

fr S$506-$52903D / 01M1-

Munich (Map)

fr S$416-$58903D / 01M1-

Muscat (Map)

fr S$366-$43903D / 01M1-

Nairobi (Map)

fr S$1566-$55903D / 01M1-

New York JFK (Map)

fr S$666-$77903D / 01M1-

Oslo (Map)

fr S$616-$51903D / 01M1-

Paris De Gaulle (Map)

fr S$466-$56903D / 01M1-

Perth (Map)

fr S$357-$13803D / 12M1-

Prague (Map)

fr S$816-$51903D / 01M1-

Rome Fiumicino (Map)

fr S$536-$54903D / 01M1-

Sao Paulo (Map)

fr S$1316-$74903D / 1M1-

Seattle (Map)

fr S$646-$77903D / 01M1-

Stockholm Arlanda (Map)

fr S$566-$50903D / 01M1-

Sydney (Map)

fr S$458-$15703D / 12M1-

Toronto (Map)

fr S$996-$74903D / 01M1-

Vienna (Map)

fr S$666-$57903D / 01M1-

Zagreb (Map)

fr S$791-$52403D / 01M1-

Zurich (Map)

fr S$456-$52903D / 01M1-

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    Zagreb : 1 June to 30 November 2017
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