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Cathay Pacific
Special Economy Class Fares with American Express Cards - Low Season Fare

Destination Adult Child Taxes Min/Max Stay GV Remarks

Amsterdam (Map)

fr S$1074-$24002D / 01M1-

Bangkok (Map)

fr S$113-$9102D / 07D1Valid on CX712 / CX713

Barcelona (Map)

fr S$1063-$24102D / 01M1From 02Jul2017

Beijing (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Boston (Map)

fr S$1298-$296nil / 14D1-

Busan (Map)

fr S$520-$15402D / 07D1-

Changsha (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Chengdu (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Dusseldorf (Map)

fr S$1047-$30702D / 01M1-

Frankfurt (Map)

fr S$1047-$33702D / 01M1-

Fukuoka (Map)

fr S$536-$13802D / 07D1-

Fuzhou (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Guangzhou (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Guilin (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Haikou (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Hangzhou (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Kaohsiung (Map)

fr S$306-$14802D / 07D1-

Kunming (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

London Heathrow (Map)

fr S$1081-$41302D / 01M1-

Los Angeles (Map)

fr S$858-$296nil / 14D1-

Madrid (Map)

fr S$1056-$24802D / 01M1-

Milan Malpensa (Map)

fr S$1064-$25002D / 01M1-

Nagoya (Map)

fr S$506-$15802D / 07D1-

Nanjing (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

New York JFK (Map)

fr S$1012-$296nil / 14D1-

Ningbo (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Okinawa (Map)

fr S$536-$13802D / 07D1-

Osaka Kansai (Map)

fr S$508-$16402D / 07D1-

Paris De Gaulle (Map)

fr S$1056-$28802D / 01M1-

Qingdao (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Sanya (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Seoul (Map)

fr S$394-$16002D / 07D1-

Shanghai Pudong (Map)

fr S$260-$14402D / 07D1-

Taipei (Map)

fr S$276-$14802D / 07D1-

Telaviv (Map)

fr S$1062-$24202D / 01M1-

Tokyo Narita (Map)

fr S$476-$15802D / 07D1-

Vancouver (Map)

fr S$1247-$257nil / 14D1-

Wenzhou (Map)

fr S$360-$14402D / 07D1-

Wuhan (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Xi An Xianyang (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Xiamen (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Zhengzhou (Map)

fr S$340-$14402D / 07D1-

Zurich (Map)

fr S$1057-$25702D / 01M1-

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Terms & Conditions
Sales Period: 07-Jun-2017 to 27-Jun-2018
Travel Period: 07-Jun-2017 to 30-Jun-2018
Other Conditions:
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Advance Purchase : 14 Days
  • Applicable for American Express Members only.
    Tickets must be issued with American Express cards only.
    Card Members need not be the travellers.
  • Bookings for departure ex-SIN within 7 days or less:
    Please issue the ticket with the same booking day.
    Bookings for departure ex-SIN more than 7 days:
    Please issue the ticket with 3 days.
  • High Season :
    For Bangkok, Taiwan, China: Travel ex-SIN between
    07-24Jun/ 05-09Aug/ 31Aug-01Sep/ 08-14 Sep/ 14-18 Oct
    09Nov-25Dec 2017/ 15-17 Feb/ 10-16 Mar/ 29-30 Mar/ 25May-22Jun2018
    For Japan and Korea: Travel ex-SIN between
    07-24Jun/ 01Jul - 23Aug/ 31Aug-01Sep/ 08-14 Sep
    14-18 Oct/ 09Nov-25Dec 2017/ 15-17 Feb/ 10-16 Mar/ 25May-22Jun 2018
    For North America and Europe: Travel ex-SIN between
    07-24Jun/ 01Jul-31Aug/ 08-14 Sep/ 09Nov-25Dec 2017/25May-22Jun 2018
  • Tickets once issued are non-refundable
  • No Show : Ticket is considered forfeited once there is a no-show.
  • Tickets must be used in sequence.
    If the first outbound sector is not utilised, the rest of the itinerary is automatically cancelled.
  • Fares, Taxes and Surcharges are subjected to availability and changes with or without prior notice.
    Please check with our Ticketing officer for any visa requirement.
  • Please Contact us for more information and terms and conditions.
  • Please refer to New Shan Travel Pte Ltd Ticketing Terms & Conditions
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