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Airline Promotions
Air China
Air China Beijing Promo    Air China Promotion   
Air France
Air France Flash Sale to Europe    Air France KLM Economy Promo   
Air India
Air India Promo   
Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways Koh Samui Promo   
Cathay Pacific Airways
CX Getaway Surprise to Hongkong with OCBC Cards    CX Smart Saver - Two-to-travel Early Birds Promotion   
CX Getaway Surprise With OCBC Cards   
China Airlines
China Airlines Promotion    
China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Promo   
China Southern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Europe Via Guangzhou Promo
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways Australia Promo    Etihad Airways Promo    
EVA Airways
Eva Air Promo   
Finnair Celebration Offer   
Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia Labour Special     GA Australia & Japan Special   
Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines Promotion    Hainan Airlines Haikou / Hefei / Taiyuan Promo   
Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines Promotion   
Korean Air
Korean Air Korea Promotion    Korean Air USA 45 Days Advance Purchase Promo   
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines October Offers 2014    MH Kuala Lumpur Promo   
Myanmar Airways
Myanmar Airways Yangon Promotion   
Qantas Airways
Qantas Airways Promo   
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Autumn Sale   
Royal Brunei Airlines
Royal Brunei Airlines Bandar Seri Begawan Promo   
Singapore Airlines
SQ Economy Class FIT Promo
Travel Period 02Jan-11Feb2015
Singapore Airlines India Promo   
SQ Economy Class FIT Promotion    Singapore Airlines GV2 Bangkok Promo   
SQ FIT Promotion   
Srilankan Airlines
Srilankan Airlines Specials   
Thai Airways
Thai Airways
SIN Revival Thailand Promotion
(Payment by Mastercard)
Thai Airways
SIN Revival Network Promo
Payment by Mastercard
Thai Airways Premium Class
Payment By MasterCard
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines Europe Promo   
Vietnam Airlines
Vietnam Airlines Promo   
Xiamen Airlines
Xiamen Airlines China Promo
(Countdown with Xiamen Airlines)
Xiamen Airlines Jinan and Qingdao Promo   
Xiamen Airlines Taiyuan & Datong Promo    Xiamen Airlines Nanchang / Urumqi Promo   
Xiamen Airlines Guiyang Promo    Xiamen Airlines Xian Promo   
* All fares and taxes are subject to changes with or without prior notice. Terms & conditions apply.
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Latest Fares!
Air France Flash Sale to Europe
Stockholm Arlanda fr. S$213 Taxes S$803
Frankfurt fr. S$117 Taxes S$899
Budapest fr. S$196 Taxes S$820
Venice fr. S$208 Taxes S$808
CX Getaway Surprise to Hongkong with OCBC Cards
HongKong fr. S$153 Taxes S$125
Malaysia Airlines October Offers 2014
Male fr. S$172 Taxes S$269
Phuket fr. S$21 Taxes S$214
PhnomPenh fr. S$21 Taxes S$218
Kochi India fr. S$92 Taxes S$243
Amsterdam fr. S$266 Taxes S$587
Air China Beijing Promo
Beijing fr. S$248 Taxes S$290
Xiamen Airlines China Promo
(Countdown with Xiamen Airlines)

Xiamen fr. S$210 Taxes S$258
Fuzhou fr. S$210 Taxes S$258
Hangzhou fr. S$240 Taxes S$258
Dalian fr. S$240 Taxes S$258
SQ Economy Class FIT Promo
Travel Period 02Jan-11Feb2015

Guangzhou fr. S$63 Taxes S$365
Fukuoka fr. S$353 Taxes S$375
London Heathrow fr. S$453 Taxes S$795
Adelaide fr. S$282 Taxes S$456
China Eastern Promo
Wuxi fr. S$134 Taxes S$251
Shanghai Pudong fr. S$134 Taxes S$251
Turkish Airlines Europe Promo
Barcelona fr. S$375 Taxes S$718
Athens fr. S$335 Taxes S$685
Frankfurt fr. S$335 Taxes S$760
London Heathrow fr. S$285 Taxes S$897
Venice fr. S$495 Taxes S$661
CX Smart Saver - Two-to-travel Early Birds Promotion
Taipei fr. S$252 Taxes S$188
Chong Qing fr. S$252 Taxes S$195
Haikou fr. S$252 Taxes S$195
Nanjing fr. S$252 Taxes S$195
Seoul fr. S$399 Taxes S$210
Hainan Airlines Promotion
Kunming fr. S$238 Taxes S$312
Changsha fr. S$238 Taxes S$312
Nanjing fr. S$276 Taxes S$312
Wuhan fr. S$276 Taxes S$312
Singapore Airlines India Promo
Mumbai fr. S$288 Taxes S$380
Kolkata fr. S$173 Taxes S$375
Delhi fr. S$213 Taxes S$415
Qatar Airways Autumn Sale
Frankfurt fr. S$510 Taxes S$533
New York JFK fr. S$795 Taxes S$600
London Heathrow fr. S$491 Taxes S$694
Paris De Gaulle fr. S$586 Taxes S$485
Etihad Airways Australia Promo
Brisbane fr. S$543 Taxes S$162
Sydney fr. S$543 Taxes S$190
Finnair Celebration Offer
Amsterdam fr. S$506 Taxes S$575
Brussels fr. S$506 Taxes S$572
Geneva fr. S$506 Taxes S$556
Prague fr. S$506 Taxes S$560
Vienna fr. S$506 Taxes S$626
Etihad Airways Promo
Munich fr. S$474 Taxes S$521
Athens fr. S$591 Taxes S$480
Frankfurt fr. S$496 Taxes S$545
Washington Dulles fr. S$1491 Taxes S$118
Eva Air Promo
Los Angeles fr. S$1066 Taxes S$635
New York JFK fr. S$1266 Taxes S$635
Taipei fr. S$296 Taxes S$297
Korean Air Korea Promotion
Seoul fr. S$406 Taxes S$362
Royal Brunei Airlines Bandar Seri Begawan Promo
Bandar Seri Begawan fr. S$269 Taxes S$146
MH Kuala Lumpur Promo
Kuala Lumpur fr. S$18 Taxes S$136
Xiamen Airlines Jinan and Qingdao Promo
Jinan fr. S$310 Taxes S$325
Qingdao fr. S$310 Taxes S$325
* All fares and taxes are subject to changes with or without prior notice. Terms & conditions apply.
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